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About Graybeard Distillery

Graybeard Distillery is located in Durham, NC 27713 and spans over 17,000 sq. ft., making it the largest grain-to-glass distillery in North Carolina. Rooted in methods discovered in Ireland over seven centuries ago when distillers were forced to create spirits from rice, Bedlam Vodka is crafted using distillery equipment that marries ancient distilling techniques with modern technology.

Bedlam Vodka is distilled in a standard commercial 2,000 liter and a custom-built 5,000 liter mash tun
using a custom kettle designed to cook the rice, replicating the cooker styles used in ancient Europe.
Using two specially sourced stills developed by iStill in Woerden, Netherlands, we are able to take apart
every aspect of distilling, from the shape of the boiler, the height and composition of the column to
even the design of the agitator blade, allowing us to squeeze every bit of energy efficiency, flavor and
beneficial fluid dynamics that are possible from a still. Coupled with a proprietary computer controlled
system and monitoring hardware, we are able to produce the flavor profile that we want from our rice
grain, and maintain this profile consistently in each batch.