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For your $90 you'll have access to Ezra's Neat for an entire year. With this exclusive membership you'll get free shipping on all of your purchases.
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Step 1

If you're on the waiting list for the product that has gone into lottery mode, you'll receive an automated email letting you know to enter the lottery. We'll also announce the product in the newsletter.

Step 2

On the product page in lottery mode, instead of the buy button, you'll see a gold "Enter Lottery" button.

Lottery 1

Step 3

Clicking the enter lottery button will slide out a panel for which to enter your email address. Just by entering your email address you earn one entry into that product's lottery.

Lottery 2

Step 4

This is where you get rewarded for your lotalty! After you hit submit with your email address, we automatically look up to see if you've earned any additional entries from past purchases. You can also earn an additional credit each for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Lottery 3

Once you enter additional entries, please note that these entries are not returned back to you in the event you aren't chosen, so please redeem wisely!

If you're chosen

Step 5

If chosen, you'll receieve an auomated email with a unique link only accessible by your email to buy the product. You only have 24 hours to purchase before the link expires and a new person is chosen.

Lottery 4

Step 6

Clicking through to the link emailed to you takes you to the product buy page. At the bottom is a gold bar, which shows the price, time left to purchase, and a buy button.

Lottery 5