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The Sportsman

Wade McElroy's personal touch can be found on some of the best cocktail programs across Chicago, so when he set out to open his idea of the perfect bar, we sat down to listen. Sportsman's Club, located on the city's west side, is everything right with a drinking establishment, and Ezra's was lucky enough for Wade to give us a quick lesson on how to make his house drink. Be sure to check out the next issue of The Swill for a one-on-one interview with Wade.

  1. Chill down rock glass by adding ice and then add a spritz of absinthe for aromatics
  2. In a separate highball glass mix all the ingredients together
  3. Add ice and stir
  4. Discard ice from rocks glass
  5. Strain highball glass mixture into rocks glass
  6. Finish with zest of a lemon
  • Glass Old fashioned
  • Garnish Lemon twist
  • Ice Regular cubes